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MTSBN Business Membership

View the two Payment Options for MTSBN Business Membership:

MTSBN Annually (pay annually, best option to save $$)
or MTSBN Monthly (pay monthly, requires a one-time application fee)

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1. Sitesinmytown.com Directory Listing

When you register your Business and website, you will appear by Business Name, not domain name, in the category that you associate with for your business on our Business Name website directory called Sitesinmytown.com

2. Online Website Address Book

Use the website address book to store url addresses to websites that you may want to frequent whenever you are online from anywhere. This helps to keep you also from losing links to websites if your phone or computer crashes and cannot be recovered.

3. Members MarketPlace

Enjoy placing and viewing ads in our Members Only MarketPlace where you can view ads from other Members, our Partnerships and Affiliates.

4. RewardsnPrizes Program Account Tools

Now you can implement your own Rewards Program without headaches! This program allows you to provide unlimited RewardsnPrizes Account registrations for employees and customers!

When you sponsor RewardsnPrizes Accounts with this program, you are enabling anyone you choose to have access to potentially receive Cash Rewards n Prizes, discount health/personal benefit programs, and have exclusive visibility of a Rewards Message Ad on their homepage.

6. Full Control of Business/Reward Ads

You will have full control of your ad content for offers/messages that are placed on your Marketing Webpage/Contact Info Page and the RewardsnPrizes Account Holders Pages of your sponsored members.

7. My Birthday Page-Reminder Tool

This program provides Automated Convenience to give Customer and Employee recognition and appreciation which is a vital part of success of every business. The Reminder tool is for all of our members to manage reminders for customer and employee special dates so that you may give that recognition and appreciation as those dates arrive.

Now you can create Customer Birthday club programs easily with the Birthday Reminder tool!

This is a great tool for the busy owner or manager because all reminders are automated once entered including the Birthday and Wedding Anniversary emails that go out to your customer or employee on their special day! To read more about this program visit this link, Birthday Page Info

8. Marketing Website Profile page for your business

Many small businesses cannot afford a website presence because of the costs involved in hosting, building and managing domain names and website management.

Although there are many simple web solutions out there, we provide all of our Packages, this one page website that is tied to many tools that come with your Marketing package! If you do not have a website presence, you will want to take advantage of ours today!

9. Unlimited Marketing Email Program

Today, due to the high cost of media advertising, many businesses are only able to display their specials or business announcements to the customers who drive by, walk into their establishment or that happen to visit their business website at the time changes were made. Therefore, few customers outside of regular walk-ins or frequent site visitors know about them. Our VIP Updates Marketing Email Tool allows you to pinpoint your existing customers with targeted marketing updates to entice additional visits.

Building a customer contact database list is easy when using our VIP Updates Marketing Email Tools. This tool provides you with an Add Customer feature that makes it easy to place customers in your customer contact list with just a name and email address. Customers are also able to join your customer contact list database through the "Update Me" chalkboard on LocalBirthdayOffers.com or with the "VIP Updates" link from your own website.

Your VIP Updates Marketing Email Tool allows you to send unlimited, automated weekly emails to your customer contact list with no extra charges for the number in your list. This allows you to keep in touch with your customers as you need to not when your budget says you can!

Put in a weekly change, monthly change or no change at all to your text, this email program goes on auto-pilot once a week to send an email just to keep your name in front of customers. If you have a special announcement, you can do a VIP Email on the fly as you need!

10. Access to Health, Lifestyle and National Partner Discounts

You will receive access to our Benefits company and affiliates for savings that involve Discount Health and lifestyle plans, Discounted Prescriptions, Merchant Credit Card Services, Business Loans, Website Designs, Web hosting, and so much more!

11. Automated Birthday Offer/Club Management Tools including Ad Listing on LocalBirthdayOffers.com

Our birthday club program tools include signage templates, instructions and an automated program for both entry and birthday email distribution. Working in unison with the VIP Specials Email Marketing tools, this program will help increase sales in any small business establishment!

You will be provided added exposure for your Birthday Offer with your automatic ad placement on LocalBirthdayOffers.com

12. A Full blown Contact Info Page

Combine your website and all of your online social media locations on one page along with our Birthday Club/VIP Updates/RewardsNPrizes registration links on one simple contact page to share with customers.

This program is used with Vendor Shows/Community Directories for attendees/residents to take one sheet that contains one website link to find all businesses/vendors/contractors that had booths long after the show or that are in the vicinity of the residents receiving them! Imagine, some attendees/customers being able to find you even if they didn't make it by your booth/store!

13. Savings Offers on simple Graphic Design work/Business Printing Discounts

We can assist you with small Printing jobs for Business Cards, Postcards, Flyers/Sales Sheets, plus give you below retail pricing on quantities beginning at 1000 pieces.

$ 20.00 / Per Month

$15.00 / Application Fee
$199.00 / Annually

*There is a one-time application fee for the MTSBN Monthly package when selecting the monthly payment.

If you have additional questions, don't hesitate calling, one of our customer service reps will assist you on every detail (contact us).