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You are 4 easy steps away from having a My Birthday Page Account:

step 1Enter your Code:

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My Birthday Page

We call it Automated Convenience because with it:
You will never Forget to send Birthdays/Anniversaries Wishes Again!

Register Today to Get your own MTSBN Birthday Page

for just $19.99 a year

3 Simple Steps that provide Automated Convenience
of a My Birthday Page Account:

  • First, you receive your own external Entry Page address that allows anyone you wish to enter their own information quickly and easily so they can be added to your Birthday/Anniversary Email Contact List - (Also, it makes it simple for adding the information of those family/friends that are close to ensure they receive your Best Wishes for their special moments)

  • (If you do nothing else after Step 1, here is what will happen:)

  • Secondly, you will receive an email notification at the end of the month for all of next months events that are in your Birthday/Anniversary lists. The day before each event you will receive an email notification reminding you about them.

  • Thirdly, the day of their Special Event, the program will automatically personalize and send your Happy Birthday/Anniversary Email Message!

  • Please Note: You do not have to log into an account, you do not have to press send nor do you have to construct anything. If they are in either of your lists, you will never forget to send them well wishes from year to year!

    Plus as a bonus, it also places entries in an Automated Weekly Message Email program that allows you to keep everyone up to date with your latest news/info with individualized emails from you to each contact in your list (you must opt-in and manage this feature)

    Best of all, it takes all the time out of the equation on your part after putting in close entries just once and sharing your Birthday page with everyone else!

  • The program, built with an unlimited database structure and with complete automation helps to keep you from forgetting those special events from those you care about!