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Marketing Teammates

Join, Receive and Grow

with the Marketing Teammates Small Business Network!

Join for the low Introductory cost of just $99.00 a year! Contact our office or your Agent to get a registration code, then click here to register now with the code provided to you.

Receive savings from our National Affiliate Partnerships that offer Business support products and services that range from Website Design, Merchant Credit Card Services, Business Checks, Business Loans, Discount Health Plans and many more that you can view under our ZABP Benefits Division.

Plus, get unlimited use of one or all of these Operational Tools/Benefits that are included with your MTSBN Membership(bullets shown below).

Grow by utilizing our 3 Rewards Programs that are included within the Basic Package! Click Here to View and Test Them for yourself! Plus you get to post your own Savings Offer Ad for other members to access through the MTSBN Ad Directory and an Ad for the Rewards Membership Specials Locator Ad Directory located in the furnished accounts. When utilizing all of the tools provided, you can grow your own regular customer base easier than ever!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this an Association?

A: No. This is a network of Business owners that join and through their account have access to operational tools and savings!

Q: How long has the Small Business Network been up?

A: Our operations began in 2009, however the MTSBN has just been introduced this year for our members to enjoy! The MTSBN replaces the Silver Package and is a hybrid package with some of our top online tools that were built for business use.

Learn about some of the Tools/Benefits below that come with MTSBN Membership:

(To view features, move your mouse over the question marks)

  • Implement your Own Rewards Program with this simple to use tool
  • Specials Locator Business Ad
  • Small Business Network Info or Offer
  • Marketing Website Page
  • Automated Birthday Offer/Club Management Tool
  • Start your own VIP Email Club with our Automated VIP Specials Email Marketing tool
  • My Birthday Page
  • Job Posting Management Tool
  • Website Address Storage Book
  • ZABP Benefits
  • Free Financial Calculator Tools
  • Sitesinmytown.com Website Directory

Questions regarding the Rewards Program, Unlimited-Automated Birthday Offer/Club
and VIP Weekly Email Programs:

Q: What does a Rewards Membership Account look like?

A: To view a demo of a Reward Members Account, visit the link below and use demo1 as both the username and password to login: Rewards Account Login

Q: If we use the Automated Birthday Offer/Club Tool, how does it work?

A: As soon as you place your Birthday Offer Ad within your account it will be displayed on LocalBirthdayOffers.com for all viewers to take advantage of your offer.

A: Customers can register to have Birthday Offer email reminders sent to them through your LBO ad or through the Birthday Club Registration page that is created for you upon set-up. To view a live Birthday Club Registration page: Click Here

Q: How can I track who wishes to redeem their Offer?

A: In your birthday offer, you place the parameters on how you are willing to redeem it. Most merchants simply put "Show us our Birthday Offer on your phone (id may be requested) or print and bring in your Birthday Email to redeem!", however, you can do whatever works best for you.

Q: Why do you have this go out at the beginning of the month instead of on their Birthday Day?

A: Because this gives you a whole month to attract the consumer to your place of business instead of competing with family and every other company for their one special day, and actually if you have a major purchase type company, you can set the parameter for your offer being good for up to a year after they receive your email.

Q: How do customers get placed in the VIP Weekly Email Program?

A: This program tool develops your email database several ways. First you can always manually enter those who have given you permission to do so. Secondly, you can place the Stay Connected with us link on your website for customers to join directly. Lastly, if you are operating the Birthday Club, those customers who join are automatically placed in both your VIP Weekly Email database as well as the Birthday Club.

Q: How does the automated VIP Weekly Email Program work?

A: Once a week on Mondays, the VIP Email tool automatically will send individualized VIP Specials Emails out to everyone in your customer database. You just have to put your info or offer in the email by Sundays for it to go out with new data.

Q: Do emails have the unsubscribe functionality?

A: Yes, all of our emails have the unsubscribe function on the bottom of each email for automatic removals.

Before you subscribe to MTSBN Basic, check out MTSBN Complete, by clicking here.

Getting Started:

Click here to register now with the Agents code provided to you, or if you prefer, download the
handout application at the bottom, send it in filled out and we will set your account up for you.

Q: How long will it take to make my account active if I decide to download and send in my application and payment?

A: Within 3-4 business days from receipt of your paperwork, if not sooner, your account will be accessible.

Email us at mtsbn@marketingteammates.com with your completed application or call us at 866-941-0353, to get started right away!


Download the handout with application by clicking here.



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